Tale 04: Of How It Started (#oslotoistanbul p.01)

Summer 2021 / Summer 2022 Tale 04: Of How It Started (#oslotoistanbul p.01) Europe It has been over a month since I came back from a trip of a lifetime… A project that demanded everything from me, a project that delivered the highest highs, the lowest lows and tales I will tell my grandchildren one […]

Tale 03: photo favs.

All the time Tale 03: photo favs (01) One of my favorite things to do is taking photos and capturing beautiful moments and people that experience them. These are some of my favorites of the last 12 months in random order.  I would love to take some more photos, learn more about the craft and […]

Tale 02: of palm trees above clouds

February 2022 Tale 02: of palmtrees above clouds Salento / Valle de Cocora, Colombia Salento: A small village in the coffee region in Colombia. 7 hours on busses south of Medellin. Valle de Cocora: Valley where the tallest palm trees in the world grow. 30 minutes in a jeep plus 5 hour hike from Salento.  Sometimes you come […]

Tale 01: of reinventing myself

April 2022 Tale 01: of reinventing myself Hamburg, Germany I know how to do a lot of things. Just none of them really well. Me. All the time. Things are changing.    For the last few years, since I quit my job in an ad agency (best decision ever!), I have been trying to find […]