Tale 18: Ready For Summer

Summer 2023 Tale 18: Ready For Summer Hamburg, Germany  The last three months were exciting and full of new connections, reflection, hard work, downtimes, fun and beauty. Driving my van to Portugal was exactly what I was hoping for: A little journey towards myself. It gave me distance to my chaos and time and space […]

Tale 17: May 2023

May 2023 Tale 17: Of May 2023 Hamburg, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg I am interrupting my Portugal stay for a month back north. XJAZZ! festival in Berlin asked me to document the festival again, this year as a one man show and I could not say no. It´s one of the most inspiring and musically diverse […]

Tale 16: Of Another Home

Spring 2023 Tale 16: Of Another Home Cascais, Portugal  Right now, I am sitting in my van Flipper. And my van is parked on a cliff by the atlantic ocean about 1h north of Lisbon. The sun just set and left an absolutely gorgeous pink and orange sky that slowly but surely makes space for […]

Tale 15: photo favs (2)

all the time  Tale 15: photo favs. (02) I love to capture moments on camera. For myself and others. Here are some of my favorites of recent months in random order. I was traveling a bunch recently and I have discovered self portraits… It´s a challenge but quite fun as well. 

Tale 14: Of Bad Luck & Rooftops (Oslo To Istanbul 4/?)

Summer 2022  Tale 14: Of Bad Luck & Rooftops (#oslotoistanbul pt. 4/?) Budapest / Istanbul F***. FU**K. F*CK. F**********CK. Stuck on the highway in Hungary. With a trailer, all our equipment. On Alises birthday. Happy birthday. I was too shocked to feel anything. ADAC, my car insurance, saved what was left of the day. After […]

Tale 13: Of Exhaustion, Relief & A Broken Dolphin

Summer 2022 Tale 13: Of Exhaustion, Relief & A Broken Dolphin (#oslotoistanbul pt. 3/?) Berlin / Prague / Vienna / Budapest  After Frun Festival, all our energies were depleted. Some of us were still struggling with a mean cold, others with the overwhelming heat. I was struggling with myself. I felt burned out, tired and […]

Tale 12: XJAZZ! 2022

Summer 2022 Tale 12: XJAZZ! Festival 2022 Berlin I want to quickly show you something and tell you how grateful I am to be working along incredibly talented artists and creatives that try to push the boundaries of music and events. In between my trip to Colombia and our crazy Oslo To Istanbul project with […]

Tale 11: Of Obsession & Sacrifices

Summer 2022 Tale 11: Of Obsessions & Sacrifices Germany   This is about a painful realization about myself. I am burned out…   The last months were absolutely crazy. I didn´t even have time to properly process my two month trip to Colombia when we hit the road with the OSLO TO ISTANBUL crew. The […]

Tale 10: Oslo To Istanbul pt. 2/?

Summer 2022 Tale 10: Of Pulling Of The Impossible (#oslotoistanbul pt. 2/?) Europe I arrived in Oslo with mixed feelings. So excited, scared, feeling unprepared but also feeling accomplished, like we are pulling off the impossible. The first day, Joe and I parked by the harbor. A sauna session, some busking, working on the website and […]

Tale 09: Of How It Started (Oslo to Istanbul 1/?)

Summer 2021 / Summer 2022 Tale 09: Of How It Started (#oslotoistanbul pt. 1/?) Europe It has been over a month since I came back from a trip of a lifetime… A project that demanded everything from me, a project that delivered the highest highs, the lowest lows and tales I will tell my grandchildren […]