Summer 2023

Tale 18:
Ready For Summer

Hamburg, Germany 

The last three months were exciting and full of new connections, reflection, hard work, downtimes, fun and beauty. Driving my van to Portugal was exactly what I was hoping for: A little journey towards myself. It gave me distance to my chaos and time and space to think.

I love to be on the road for a while, taking time to look inwards, reset my mind, think about next steps, new perspectives and regain energy. Over the last year, since the Oslo To Istanbul adventure, I’ve had trouble finding balance. It’s quite a relieve to feel energized again. I have accepted the conflicts I have with myself for now and I am excited to get to work on some projects (some of which have been laying around for wayyy too long) and to dive into creating new work. I will spend more time in the studio again and allow myself to experiment and find the sounds and feelings and structures for new material I want to release. There is a lot that I want to do over the next months but I have learned to give myself some space as well. I find it exciting and empowering to have a better understanding of what I need for myself and what I can give. I am sure there will be times where I won´t feel like that again. But for now, I want to ride that wave for a bit and see where it leads me.

Sending love to you all.

BTW: I am open for collaborations, photography and video gigs this summer. Hit me up if you want to create some magic together.