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Looking to capture and create meaningful moments through photography, music,
film and writing.  Sometimes unexpected. Always honest.

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February 2022

Tale 02:
of palmtrees above clouds

Salento / Valle de Cocora, Colombia

Salento: A small village in the coffee region in Colombia. 7 hours on busses south of Medellin. 
Valle de Cocora: Valley where the tallest palm trees in the world grow. 30 minutes in a jeep plus 5 hour hike from Salento. 

Sometimes you come across places that inspire and move you on a different level. Salento and the nearby Valle de Cocora was like that for me. Maybe it was because I had just come out of a week of being sick from a stomach virus and I finally regained some energy again to explore and enjoy. Maybe it was because of the humble and generous people I met or because of the fact that the surrounding mountains look different every time you look at them. Located in the heart of Colombias coffee region, Salento is surrounded by lush green mountains and often covered in fog. I love fog. And I love mountains. And I love palm trees.  

I want to build a house.
Where palm trees grow above the clouds.
Where the sky is pink and I can´t help but think.
That the rain over Salento makes me sing.

I want to build a house.
Where mountains hide behind the clouds.
Sky, open, give the storm to us.
Let the rain over Salento wash away the dust.

Rain Over Salento.

After spending 8 hours on busses from Medellin, I spent the first few days in a beautiful hostel on the edge of the village. I was still recovering, using the downtime to catch up with some work I had not been able to finish due to spending days on end in the bathroom. Obviously there are better things to do in a place like this than spending time in front of a laptop. But there are few places I would rather be to get some work done. I had the place to myself during the day, because most other guests were out doing tourist stuff.


Fully cleansed, work done, energy regained. Time for a hike.


The Valle de Cocora was on my list of “must sees” in Colombia. Who would want to miss the tallest palm trees in the world? As it happens while traveling, you always find other people whose plans align with yours for a few days or weeks. So my lone hike to a mystical valley turned into a group thing before it even started.


The weather forecast looked promising until the afternoon, so we set out early. On the main square, the eight of us caught one of the jeep taxis that drove us closer towards the valley. Issues with the brakes (very very old car) meant, we didn´t get to our destination as early as we wanted. But we got there alive, I guess that´s what matters. We still opted for the hike instead of the tourist shortcut to the valley.

It had rained heavily a few days before, which turned some parts of the trail into fields of mud and caused other parts of the trail to be closed due to broken bridges and raging rivers. Add so much fog to the scene that you can´t even see the view, one might be disappointed. 


But wait. As it started to rain, some of the fog cleared and revealed breathtaking views of mountains and palm trees above clouds.  

Palm Trees Above Clouds 01-04 art prints. Available now.

I love some of the shots I took in this magical place so much, that I wanted to have them printed. I thought maybe you want them printed too. You can order my first series of art prints in my new shop now.


The bigger prints are limited to 10x A2 and 15x A3 and come with a certificate of authenticity, so get your hands on them now. 

April 2022

Tale 01:
of reinventing myself

Hamburg, Germany

I know how to do a lot of things.
Just none of them really well.

Me. All the time.

Things are changing. 


For the last few years, since I quit my job in an ad agency (best decision ever!), I have been trying to find my voice as a human being, as an artist.


Some people know me as a musician. But that’s really only half the truth. I am more than the sad songs I write. Some people know me as a filmmaker and editor. But that’s only half the truth. I am more than the images I create for others. Some people know me as a traveler. But that’s only half the truth. I have many homes in this world.


Some people know me as a photographer, some as a designer, some as a strategist, some as a marketer, some as an artist. But that’s only half the truth.


The real truth is that I am all of it, and none of it at the same time. For a long time that’s been a source of insecurity. Especially when meeting new people.

„So what do you do?“ Good question, kind of hard to explain.. a little bit of everything?


Only recently, and through a lot of trial and error while traveling, I have found a way to answer that question with confidence and a sense of truth and honesty. It’s as simple as „I am a creative, right now I am working on ____“ or even „I am an artist, right now I am working a lot with _____“.

Some people understand. Some don’t. And that is okay. To some people I will always be only one thing because that is what we are brought up to see as “normal”. But I never really cared about “normal” anyways.

Deep inside I have known who I am for a long time. I am finally able to dig deep enough to access that knowledge and use it to build a presence both on- and offline where I don’t feel constrained by expectations both by myself and society.


This blog / website will become an attempt to share a more complete version of myself, my work, my art. CHASING TALES is a personal journey, a mantra, a rule to live by, a promise to capture and create meaningful moments through different forms of art.




I am sure there will be times when I need to step back again and reflect and reevaluate. But it feels like it’s the closest i have ever been to representing my whole self in one project.


Thanks for sticking with me. I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me. Let’s chase some tales together.



Love, Heiko


PS.: I will share a bunch of photos and stories from my recent travels to Colombia soon! The photos here are from Bogotá, during one of the craziest thunderstorms I have ever witnessed. 


PPS.: Me and a bunch of wild cats from Hamburg founded the PINK ALLIGATOR COLLECTIVE.The collective serves as a platform and infrastructure for creative collective projects and there´s an enormous amount of crazy cool stuff coming up. So stay tuned. :*