Summer 2022

Tale 11: Of Obsessions & Sacrifices



This is about a painful realization about myself.

I am burned out…


The last months were absolutely crazy. I didn´t even have time to properly process my two month trip to Colombia when we hit the road with the OSLO TO ISTANBUL crew. The months leading up to the trip were intense. I felt responsible to keep the team together, organize and finance what would turn out to be an incredible but exhausting experience. The constant travel, stress, new places, new people and financial insecurity took a toll on me. The fact that Flipper broke down and is still stuck in Budapest is nerve wrecking too. All in all I am left without direction. My plans for the rest of this year went down the drain with my money and a broken home.

I know I need to take time to rest, to figure out what my next steps are and have some distance from my projects. I also need to make some money to fix Flipper. For now, I will give myself some space and try to not feel so guilty about not working on anything for a bit. That part is the hardest… I am usually obsessively working on something. I like to put all of myself into projects but this time it might have been a bit too much. I don´t necessarily consider obsession a bad thing. It drives me and others, made the last months possible. But it also means making sacrifices. My goal for now is to find more balance. Everything else will follow.


I will see you all soon.