Tale 08: Of Pink Alligators

2022 Introducing: PINK ALLIGATOR Hamburg There´s a new collective in town. Authors, singers, instrumentalsts, producers, filmmakers and other creatives from the music industry are getting together to realize collective projects. The unbroken will to translate our creativity into successful projects and products and the belief that we are stronger together unites us. A new normal […]

Tale 07: photo favs.

All the time Tale 07: photo favs (01) One of my favorite things to do is taking photos and capturing beautiful moments and people that experience them. These are some of my favorites of the last 12 months in random order.  I would love to take some more photos, learn more about the craft and […]

Tale 06: of palm trees above clouds (Colombia 5/5)

March 2022 Tale 06: Of Palmtrees Above Clouds (Colombia travel diary pt.5/5) Medellin / Salento / Valle de Cocora, Colombia  I am sitting on the plane from Madrid to Hamburg. I am bored so I am finishing what I started and summarize my trip to Colombia one last time. All in all I struggled with […]

Tale 05: Of Lost Cities & Salmonella (Colombia 4/5)

March 2022 Tale 05: Of Lost Cities & Salmonella (Colombia travel diary pt. 4/5) Minca / Ciudad Perdida / Medellin I am writing this from a co working place in Medellin. I am slowly recovering from the last week but I am not quite myself yet. What happened? As planned, I spent a couple of […]

Tale 04: Of Magic & Plastic (Colombia 3/5)

February 2022  Tale 04: Of Magic & Plastic (Colombia Travel Diary pt. 3/5) Palomino / Cabo de la Vela  A lot has happened since the last entry to this little travel diary.      I spent a couple of days more in Palomino to enjoy the colorful and interesting group of friends I made. A […]

Tale 03: Of Treehouses & New Friends (Colombia 2/5)

February 2022 Tale 03: Of Treehouses & New Friends (Colombia Travel Diary pt. 2/5) Santa Marta / Palomino  ¡Hola! I am writing from the border to nothing… well, close. Previous image Next image I am currently spending some time in Palomino, a small village on the coast north of Santa Marta. It took around 2h […]

Tale 02: Of Chasing The Sun (Colombia 1/5)

February 2022 Tale 02: Of Chasing The Sun (Colombia Travel Diary pt. 1/5) Bogotá  At Christmas last year, my friend Hannah jokingly suggested to come visit her in Colombia. I was talking about wanting to go somewhere warm and exciting for parts of the cold German winter. A few days later I had found and booked […]

Tale 01: of reinventing myself

April 2022 Tale 01: of reinventing myself Hamburg, Germany I know how to do a lot of things. Just none of them really well. Me. All the time. Things are changing.  For the last few years, since I quit my job in an ad agency (best decision ever!), I have been trying to find my […]